Conference on Data Protection


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Companies play a major role in the development of society. This is the reason why we choose to make a positive contribution, by building bright minds, inspiring and sharing accurate information with our participants.

Successful business relations are developed primarily if companies have a comprehensive understanding of a legal and safe business environment. The EU Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, known as GDPR, brings a series of new concepts and promotes a series of practices meant to safeguard private individuals.


Some companies control the purpose and destination of collecting and processing personal data, while others only process data. This gave rise to numerous debates on how and to whom GDPR can be applied. Often many companies can find it challenging to legally interpret GDPR and to apply it in practice according to their business resources.


We took these considerations into account and we bring you a conference meant to clarify your questions.

We will offer you an understanding of the GDPR concepts, your rights and obligations and the whole context of GDPR (how it works as a system). Moreover, we will provide you with some technical suggestions on how to comply with GDPR, and you will receive recommended documentation designed to make the legal compliance easier (policies templates, human resources acts, guidelines etc.).

The Results

You will be able to:

  1. Have a better understanding of your rights and obligations as a company,
  2. Gain knowledge for fulfilling GDPR obligations in your organization (practical methods) and
  3. Redact your own company documentation based on the recommended package with templates and more,* which you will receive electronically after the conference.

The templates include:

  1. The general data protection policy/procedure,
  2. IT security policy,
  3. Notification to the organization employees regarding the processing of their personal data,
  4. Notification to other data subjects,
  5. Confidentiality clause / agreement,
  6. Contractual clauses in line with GDPR,
  7. Other.


Our speaker is a legal professional with international experience, data protection officer, and has completed specialized training in personal data protection.

Iuliana-Raluca Luca is legal advisor at UniMate Software SRL and data protection officer. She is specialized in International and Comparative Law, having studied the Master at the University of Helsinki, Finland and is Editor at the Finnish Yearbook of International Law. She has several articles published in an international law publication in Washington, DC.

Iuliana-Raluca Luca is a certified trainer, with experience in training on legal topics, including coaching the University of Helsinki team at the prestigious Telders international law moot court competition in the Hague, Netherlands.

For more information regarding the experience and qualifications of our speaker, please visit

Organizational Details

WHEN AND WHERE: The conference will be held in Bucharest, on Friday, 27 July 2018, during 10.00-16.00 hrs. Further organizational details will be communicated together with the registration confirmation.

PARTICIPATION:  The conference will be held in Romanian language.

We are able to organize the conference in English language upon request, according to the number of persons interested.

ATTENDENCE FEE: The attendence fee to the conference, inclusive of all supporting and additional materials, is EUR 258 EUR 171,70, or RON 1200 RON 800 (VAT included).

REGISTRATION: We are open for bookings to the Conference on Data Protection on our e-mail address Please specify the number of participants willing to attend the conference, and the company represented, in order to reserve your attendence at the conference.


Should you wish to participate to future conferences, please send us an email on

ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONFERENCE: In case you wish to participate in the conference held in English, please send us an email.

*The recommended documentation is copyright protected for UniMate Software and can be used only by our own company or company group for the purpose of GPDR compliance.