Private Customers

Our solutions are used by City Councils, State Agencies and other Public Administration offices, known as “Kommunale Fagsystemer” in Denmark. The sofware we make are mostly used on a departemental level.

UniMate WorkTeams System

Administration of work allocation in a Commune. Citizens can enrol on internet for voluntary work during certain time frames of the year. People can be assigned to a group, and will get notification on when and how to do voluntary community work.

UniMate WorkTime System

Administration of Work Schedules, Rosters, and Timesheet calculation. For any organisation, Hospitals, Nursing institutions, Firebrigades, Shipping, Factories or others working in shifts.

UniMate ChildCare System

Complete package for City Councils handling administration of centralised childcare, visitation and daycare institutions. Modular based for efficiency. Most cost effective solution for City Councils handling centralised care.

UniMate Order Management System

Purchase order system for City Councils and other organisations that keeps a central storage of office items and have users ordering goods with a “pro forma” invoicing.

UniMate Ground System

Complete system for handling waiting lists and administration regarding citizens applications for house ground permit, industrial ground permits, housing or flat permits or other assets belonging to the City Council. The system consist of a front-end that can integrate with any existing City Council website, and a back-end for administration.

UniMate FlexTime

Time tracking solution with standard features. Integrates with WorkTime scheduling system.