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The system we provide has the purpose of tourism-oriented booking on an online platform. You can integrate the system with your existing accounting pa...

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UniMate WorkTeams System

Administration of work allocation in a Commune. Citizens can enrol on internet for voluntary work during certain time frames of the year. People can b...

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UniMate WorkTime System

Administration of Work Schedules, Rosters, and Timesheet calculation. For any organisation, Hospitals, Nursing institutions, Firebrigades, Shipping, F...

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UniMate FlexTime

Time tracking solution with standard features. Integrates with WorkTime scheduling system

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UniMate ETOP

Well proven system for importing and analysing market pricing for pharmacutical products. Useful for both Generica and Parallell distribution. The sys...

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UniMate Position Log – Sweden

A mail service with the latest daily changes from TLV for position change. This often signals delivery problems which might be important information f...

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UniMate ChildCare System

Complete package for City Councils handling administration of centralised childcare, visitation and daycare institutions. Modular based for efficiency...

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UniMate Logistics

Complete package for Warehousing Inventory, Storage and Transport for companies handling Fine Art and special inventory items. Modular for several wor...

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Fleet management

The system provided the necessary resources for renting cars and busses. Perfect for companies which offer services for vehicle rental!

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UniMate SRMS – Service, Rental, Management

Solution for global Oil industry companies handling servicing, inspection and rental of drilling pipes and equipment. One solution for great activitie...

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