UniMate Software was established 1.October 1990 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having distribution rights for Omnis 4GL Development tools, we got in close contact with professional developers and end-users. As the distribution rights came to an end in 1996, we re-focused our strategy on production, sale and support of database applications made by Omnis Technology. Our approach to software development has always been following "Agile Development" principles. This means, whatever programs we develop, we do it in close contact with end-users.
What we do...

We develop all kind of Database applications by using Omnis Technology. When we develop a specialised solution for one customer, we try to make it available for others as well.

What we make, can run on Windows or Mac, and we can deliver scaleable systems where Web, Tablets and Smartphones can use a native app. or integrate as web.

Over the last 20 years, we have successfully delivered database solutions to both large and small companies, both in the private sector but also in Public Administration, City Councils and State agencies.

We often win on cost effective systems, delivered on time and budget, with excellent 24/7 support !

Sounds too good to be true ?

Try us!
The Customer is king. Always.

We produce
user-friendly solutions

Solutions change over time.

So do you.

Our development must threfore be agile and adaptable.
Company profile...